Why You Should Be Thankful for HVAC Technicians

Show Appreciation for Heating and Cooling Technicians This Thanksgiving

Throughout the year, HVAC contractors perform numerous tasks for households that may go unnoticed. This can include keeping a home’s heater and air conditioner working correctly with maintenance and repairs. As families across the U.S. prepare to give thanks for important people in their lives this month, it’s important to acknowledge the help technicians offer.

HVAC contractors keep homes cool all summer by keeping air conditioners working, keep homes warm in the winter by repairing heaters and furnaces, and keep families healthy by improving indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn more about the essential services HVAC contractors offer.

Keep Heaters Running to Keep Homes Warm

home heater When winter brings chilly temperatures, heating contractors keep homes warm and cozy through heater maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Technicians recommend scheduling yearly heater tune-ups in the fall so they can perform a full inspection of a heating system and keep it working efficiently to save homeowners money. 

Routine heating maintenance lets them clean it, replace the filter, and identify any defects that need repair. By fixing the problems early, households can avoid unexpected breakdowns and repairs later. When systems malfunction, professionals can quickly perform heater repair or replacement to get the heating up and running again and homes comfortable. This prevents households from experiencing dangerous threats, like a carbon monoxide leak or fire risks. 

Keep AC Units Running to Keep Homes Cool

air conditioner The summer heat can be dangerous for households that don’t have a functioning air conditioner. AC contractors ensure these systems work correctly to keep homes safe and comfortable. AC technicians perform air conditioner services like maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns and make prompt AC repairs and replacements to get systems up and running quickly.

During annual AC tune-ups in the spring, contractors will check fluids, replace air filters, and remove dust and debris from the system. Maintenance helps extend the AC’s lifespan, prevents issues, improves efficiency, and lowers energy bills. They will also identify and repair defects before they cause worse problems for the system. If air conditioners fail in the middle of summer, technicians can quickly fix them to restore comfort and safety to homes. This will prevent heat-related illnesses to families, like heat stroke.

Keep Indoor Air Quality High

Technicians can also keep households healthy and reduce allergy symptoms by ensuring the indoor air quality is good. They do this by keeping the home’s HVAC systems working correctly and performing indoor air quality services like installing air cleaners, air purifiers, and air filtration systems.

By keeping the air conditioner and furnace working correctly and changing air filters, the systems can remove particles from the air, eliminate excess humidity, and provide proper ventilation. HVAC systems collect dust, dirt, allergens, and contaminants from the air through clean air filters. Technicians recommend replacing these filters at least every three months. 

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