Get Scared by a Haunted House This Halloween, Not an Overheating Furnace

The Terrifying Threat of an Overheating Furnace

While households might argue over whether Jason or Freddy is scarier this Halloween, the real threat could be an overheating furnace. If a furnace overheats, it can lead to fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and other scary hazards for households. 

While an overheating furnace can pose many dangerous risks, in this post, furnace experts in Apple Valley, CA, provide tips for how homeowners can identify the signs of an overheating furnace and how to help prevent it from occurring in the first place. 

Furnace Overheating? Risks Facing Households

Furnaces can be scary when they overheat. Families can suddenly face risks like furnace fires and carbon monoxide poisoning when this happens. If a furnace overheats, it is at risk of starting a fire. It can also lead to a carbon monoxide leak. As a furnace overheats, it can cause a leak in the heat exchanger. If carbon monoxide leaks into the house, the family can fall seriously ill from carbon monoxide poisoning if it’s not detected in time. 

In addition to these terrifying threats of an overheating furnace, there are also less scary impacts. The damaged components in the furnace will need to be replaced, and the system’s lifespan can be reduced. Homeowners might also notice an increase in their utility bills. To minimize the risks of an overheating furnace, homeowners should schedule yearly tune-ups with a furnace contractor. During these preventative maintenance appointments, professionals will inspect the system and repair any minor issues before they become larger problems later. 

Furnace Overheating Symptoms

bad smellTo protect their family, homeowners must detect an overheating furnace as soon as possible to schedule repairs with an expert. To do this, they need to pay attention to key symptoms that signal an overheating furnace. Some of the most noticeable signs are burning odors, odd noises, or a humming sound from the system. 

Another sign to watch for is if the furnace starts short cycling, quickly turning on and off, or the furnace shuts off and must be reset before turning on again. Shutting down is a furnace’s safety measure. If a furnace overheats often, it can turn the unit off when it gets too hot and require it to be reset before turning it back on to prevent a fire.  

How to Avoid an Overheating Furnace

air filter To avoid the threat of an overheating furnace, homeowners can take steps to prevent it from happening. In addition to scheduling yearly routine furnace maintenance, homeowners should perform another essential task – regularly changing the air filter on time to keep air flowing through it. Ideally, air filter replacement should be done every 1 to 3 months.

If homeowners notice signs that their furnace is overheating, they should call a professional immediately for furnace repair. In extreme cases of mechanical failure or when the furnace is old, technicians may also suggest homeowners consider installing a new one to keep their homes safe and comfortable. 

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